Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm done with tornadoes and it is only MAY..... for real . Today we had to camp in the basement.(because I am really paranoid) for like 20 minutes...and while we were down there.Hayden and Gage were shaking there butt(and I mean full out booty bouncing) in my was funny but honestly I have been so stressed about the damn storms that I have stomach and head i just kinda looked at them blankly...But since I had enough warning, I had a little "party pack" for the basement..books, computer,drinks,snacks blanket pillows cell phone.. etc... which made it much more appealing to be in a dark smelly basement...
So that is how the day went...completly wasted ...from waiting on storms and being scared of the storm , worrying about my husband who has to climb poles for his cable job... geez .
and i will have a better post soon right now I have the brain blahs.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Gages Birthday

Today is Gage's Birthday....The big "8"...and let me tell you a little about Gage....His birth was easy and I took it as a sign of " hey this kid is going to be easy going, calm and well just easy.....hahahhahhahha...yeah that is all I can do now ..just ...laugh. he is complicated a brooding and more hormonal than a teenager....But I'll give this to him..he is sensitive, loving, and all around a good kid....I have noticed lately the seriousness in his face like he is really thinking about things....and I hate to admit it but he is alot like me at that age ..dramatic ultra sensative..but he is a good helper when he is in the mood to help....I love my Gage and he makes me laugh!!! are a few pics from his Birthday
opening presents

He was not happy....we always give the big present last..needless to say he wasn't impressed

the look of relief

the cake!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am so worn out..I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning, cleaning cleaning..and I havent started spring cleaning...I am starving..and my feet hurt.....but at least tonight after the supper dishes are done ..I am doing absolutly nothing..
I finally got zumba for the wii...and let me tell you real...I did it the other day and man I am really surprised at the cardio intensity..and of course while I was trying it out..everybody was sitting on the couch watching me completely humiliate my self while trying to limber up my body to do these sexy moves...note to self ...the next time I do this...wait until my husband goes to work and the kids are occupied with something else....and I say this because I am pretty sure I heard snickering OVER the loud zumba music..thanks for the encouraging guffaws guys....nooo but seriously it had to be pretty funny.......
and now I am off to eat my fabulous beef and barley soup.....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cart Nazi ( Crazy bitches allowed to use a cart)

I dont like to complain(my husband would disagree) but what it it with women ages 30-55, that have no children, act like total heifers at the supermarket?....for the hundreth time I was strolling through walmart with the kids and some bitch almost runs over my kid....and I dont mean she just was distracted and accidentally bumped him...I am talking she was going full steam ahead, eyes locked on my child. She knew what she was doing. If I had not yanked Hayden out in the last split second he would have been gonner...what the hell???? Here's the thing, my kids in general behave when I take them to the store. He wasn't running around acting crazy he was walking obediantly by the cart...So being the nice person that I was I said loud enough for her to hear.... Hayden lets get out of her way...she is obviously more important than us....and she actually gave me a dirty look and huffed....freakin huffed at me.....soooooooooooo...I went about my business and aha..there she was right by the snooty tea selection....I walked as close as I possibly could without being obvious and bumped her cart...thats right people I bumped her cart and I just dared her with the look in my eye to say WORD ONE to me....people are so rude...I hate that I stooped to a juvenile level but it actually felt kind of good......
Don't mess with the bull....or you WILL get the horns!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just a little help....I'm not asking for much

As a mother of three I am constantly making doctor appointments.Now as a mother I expect to have to do this. I dont have a problem with negotioating the best time for the appointment not to mention the multiple appointments on the same day..What I dont however like is when we get to the appointments...
First off I have to get all the kids organized just minutes before we leave.I happen to know if you get your kids ready even just 5 minutes to early you are doomed...somehow, someway , my kids will find a way to either A. get themselves dirty. B. get your clothes dirty or C. everyone will have to have a complete wardrobe change. This will make you in teh very least on time for you appointment ( you know the stupid policy I am talking about ,They want you there 15 minutes early only to make you wait an extra 45 by the time you actually see the doctor, dentist or whoever you look like a a mental patient on teh verge of REALLY loosing your mind)
Next there is the car ride,I wont even go into the horrible details of my last car ride to an appointment.All I have to say is it involved french fries, a whiny brat and a mother ready to drive her car off the nearest bridge.
You get to the appointment as the secretary DOES NOT ACKOWLEDGE the fact that you are seriously in need of a quick effecient appointment. I mean seriously where do half of these secretaries come from??? There is one in particular thatI cant stand she is very aloof, if you have a question she cannot answer it with out saying the word "UMMMMMM" which by the way is one of my pet peeves If you are over the age of 18 learn to talk especially if you are in a proffesional business. and did I mention her voice..completely nasel, and whiny and she talks really loud ...super freakin annoying.......
and to the worst part of these appontment.....THE WAITING ROOM....and I will have to say this drives me a little bit more nuts than it does other people....and here is why...My daughter is autistic and stimms, she runs around and vocalizes....and people are giving me the look, hardcore... I mean if I realize a child has special needs and isnt doing all these things, not to be annoying or because she is bad, but because she just cant help it.....Now I have a problem when people do this and I will admit my feelings get hurt for my daughter....people dont realize it but her feelings can get hurt to ..she understands way more than they think....It actually made me so mad that I actually straight forward had to ask a woman what the f**k her problem was and how would she like to be autistic....this may not have been the best way to handle the situation..but I was pushed and I was PMS ing majorly so if I embarrased her GOOD adults should be ashamed of themselves when they act like that.....and to tell the truth...I cried when I got home for a long time cause I realized that that woman probably had the worst opinion of me..and that is not how I want to be seen.
What prompted this blog was Gages appointment at the orthodontist...he is having an appliance put in and it is going to be a long I am mentally preparing myself for everything that goes along with it.... I had also asked Mark to take a sick day so I just didnt have to deal with it, and the answer was no....Just so everybody knows The Last Job Mark had, he held for 13 years and almost never took a sick day ..and the most recent job he has held for almost 3 years and has only had to take off 2 days.....2DAYS people...he has the best work ethic..and I like that about him I really do he is dedicated but there are times where I just cant deal with the constant back and forth and I need a little bit of a break...IF that means I am weak..then fine I'm weak but dammit I dont ask for much....I am on my job 24/7 and have not takin a break for almost 10 years...and I really need one.....
I know most SAHM will feel me on this...and it is always nice when you can just let your responsibilities go for just a few hours

I will be posting some pics of THE APPLIANCE later to day..stay tuned(oh yeah it is suppose to glow in the dark)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Neverending ....

I did have a good idea for a post but that went all to soon as I sat down my oldest decids he is going to practice what he is best at...freaking annoying the hell out of me...and he is reading this as I type....It all started with him asking if he could play the wii, I politly told him no BECAUSE he already played his DS for an hour (oh he just corrected is DSL) sheesh I am some sort of moron...anywhooooo.Now he is perched at my shoulder asking "caniplaywii,caniplaywii,caniplaywii" if this isnt annoying enough he is growling and breathing on me... Just so everybody knows I only allow my kids 1HOUR of video time PERIOD!!!! be it wii, PS3, or DSL...1 hour only...I am seriously abourt ready to elbow this kid......I cant concentrate anymore...I'll be back

Friday, March 4, 2011

IN A Pre- Spring Rut.

Has anybody else looked at their laundry pile, dirty toilet, or unswept floor for the umpeenth time and thought...I know I cleaned this yesterday? I swear I am in a time warp...For example not more than 2 days ago I had ALL of the laundry done...and I was pretty excited for myself cause that would mean more free time to do the catch up work that kind of gets shoved in a corner until I can finally get to it...Now here it is Friday..and there is at least oh I'd guesstimate 7 loads downstairs.....freakin 7 loads in 2 days !?!?!?!..Now I dont know how this happens or why but it is really starting to bug me....and I was beggining to wonder what would happen If i decided to go on strike???...It would be pretty damn stinky...
Here's to happy cleaning