Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is what happens....

When your heating element in your oven goes out.   Seriously for a person that cooks all the time, something like this could throw you into seizures, cold sweats anxiety attack and anything else bad you can think of...
   Yesterday I was reheating a meatloaf that I had made the day before due to our busy schedule.  I had to make 2 suppers in one night to prevent chaos the next night....i was walking past the ove about 20 min after I put the loaf in and saw a bright light, instantly knowing something was wrong cause the lightbulb burned out about 4 yrs ago.  The light was so bright it was like welding light(blinding) I turn the oven off call Mark and tell him I think the oven is going to blow up.  we figure out the element is going bad and my plans of German chocolate cake are twarted.  but it all turns out good  we were in luck a business here in town had a replacement element and we are cooking again.....Cake is in the oven as we speak...
  Also totaly off subject here but does anyone else get sick of the fact that commercial are so much louder than tv shows...I am really going to shoot my tv the next time I have my tv at a comfortable volume and then all of a sudden I get my eardrums blasted to the point of bleeding during a commercial...there should be a law against this

Friday, January 14, 2011

Whats my sign???

Why did they change the astrological signs....I mean would it really have hurt anything for those people in minnesota just to keep their mouths shut?....Now instead of being a Sagitarious I am now an Ophiuchus.....what the hell???? So now I am a serpant Slayer instead of the Archer?
I guess whatever....of course the hardcore believers are all up in arms and saying that these findings are wrong....I like to read my horoscope, but I am not going to be such an extremist that I let it ruin my day.  But I'll have to admit I think that the new sign I have much better describes my personality (generalized it may be) that the Sagitarious....Anywho...I hope everyone is having a great new year and possibly still following their resolutions....I have kept mine to a  point..we have ate out twice, I still havent found anything for me to have "fun"with that doesnt include my  kids...lets see, I have made Mark breakfast maybe 3 times and I am taking my vitamins all in all I am doing ok with this.  I have also joined the Dr. Oz  11 week thing.,.pretty cool it helps you keep track of your calories tells you how many calories you burned what type of excercise is good for your body type...blah blah blah.   I like it cause I am too lazy to count calories. I wonder if I lose like 60 or 70 lbs Mark will let me get a boob job and tummy tuck???  (If the money were available that is!)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

See Mommy ..He won't share......SEEEEEE!

These are the words I heard this morning from my middle child as I tried to have a relaxed Saturday morning, and honestly it was enough to make me want to throw him out in the snow and shut the door. I didnt feel this way because he was whining or the fact that he said that particular sentence about 40 times in the last 10 minutes....It is the way he is saying it...with an extremly determined (your so stupid for ignoring me) nasally,loud. But as I am typing he has moved on to saying "my foot is freezing and it's going to fall off !!!!" So I kindly suggest (while holding back the urge to tell him how I really feel) going upstairs and getting his fleece blanket he got from Santa.  Just guess the response I got...(If I had video I would post it  because honestly it would be an absolute hit un Youtube) he is flailing around doing circles on the floor saying "I cant walk upstairs because my foot is broken".   Lets all kep in mind that said foot is the one he is using to propel himself in circles.   I mean really?   Does anybody sympathize with me on this??  and belive me it will go on late into the  morning.  I love the kid dearly but he drives me absolutly bonkers....He knows exactly what buttons to push and how hard to push them before I absolutly lose it. I actually think he likes it too....He probably sits upstairs in his room just plotting on how to drive me nuts.......geez....and yes I realize I sound completly paranoid...but if you could see how completely independant I have seen him be, you would understand

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Full Circle (well almost)and other thoughts!

   So today was Amaya's playdate(The Play Project: a play oriented program for children on the autism Spectrum)  and this was a very great session! I am so proud of the progress tha she has made and the progress we have made as a family on how to  really communicate with our sweet little girl, even if there isnt verbal.  These are they days I really enjoy.  To my shock and amazment the boys did what they  were told for the time limit of a whole hour....A WHOLE HOUR!!!!!  Some of you might be thinking "yeah...and?"  and I wont go into how many times I get interupted in one hour....I'll guestimate oh about 60 if you have calculated that up in your head  1 hour is 60 min and if I get interupted 6o times ....yep thats right every single minute.   The blessings of being a mother...they are many...peace and quiet isn't one of those blessings.

 Back to the playdate...Amaya  stayed interested in our play almost the entire time we were  doing our recordings ( we videotape our play to see what we can work on and see what we have accomplished)  We have been doing this for almost a year and the improvements I have seen are small but profound. I have to give a big shoutout to Susan (our consultant)  for sticking with me even through the times I thought I couldnt do it any more....She has been such a guiding soul to me..
 And in other news I am incredibly sick of being stuck in the house and I swear our freakin house is   I am dead serious ..of course Mark thinks I am crazy....but anyway there have been things that go on at our I have heard voices and  heard weird noises seeing things out of the corner of my know typical stuff...but the latest thing has been very routine.. we have a family portrait on the  Entertainment center  The picture faces forward, but every morning it is turned to the side...I have tested and it isn't the vibrations that naturally happen in the house...(cause it just started) this picture has been there for 4 yrs.......ohhhhhh spooky.
   In other news Gage is now tying his shoes without demanding we help him and we are very proud!             
.......and Hayden is getting very good at his magic tricks!!! We have a future Criss Angel on our hand  (but Hayden hopefully wont be as big as a fame whore as Chris Angel)   sorry just had to put that out there!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Okay, I admit it I have one to many guilty the trainwreck of all reality shows....but my top shows are most definatly  things like Hoarders,   My Strange addiction, know, shows that give you a taste of real human struggle...But here is why I really watch these shows....They make me feel NORMAL....I know I am getting some weird high of of someone elses struggles....but that is not what it really is....Honestly I dont know what it is...maybe we all want to feel normal and sometimes the only way to do that is to see others oddities/differences....I dont know this is just a big ramble but I feel I need to let people know that I am a little how I hurry and get all the evening chores done on Monday night and get everything situated and get a weird gleam in my eye...and my poor husband cant stand  these shows cause the whole time I'm watching I am gasping and Oh My God-ing and saying What the hell is this persons problem???? and I will have to admit I have mini anxiety attacks while watching...Just look at the picture..Would this not give you an anxiety attack?

The other 2

I think I have figured out what my other 2 resolutions are going to be...So here goes #3 Take a multivitamin and other supplements I have deemed necessary in my life(also the kids will be taking a multi and zinc and possibly some other not sure which yet)  But when I realized after going to the doctor Oz website I was kind of amazed at the amount of pill popping I was getting myself into...I mean come on,  is this really how people stay healthy?  Since I said I was going to do this I will...but some of the horse pills are really hard to swallow  and some of these pills are 2-3 times daily....I want to be healthy..and generally I eat healthy...(yes there is the occasional trip to McDonalds)  but according to some our fruit and veggies dont contain the same amount of nutrients they did 50 yrs ago....So all of this is a neccessary evil.
      #4 find something fun for myself that does not involve the kids at this is going to be hard.  I am not a parent that demands a date night once a week  or to go out and have a girls night, because , well it is just not financially feesable to go out and spend 50 to 100 bucks  just cause I am feeling stressed..  Oh I can hear the advice whores now telling me that if I dont make time for me it will make my life more stressful..or that my relationship with my husband will suffer .blah blah blah......I am sure I can find something that is fun and doesnt cost a ton of money....  can't I?This is going to be a good year...hopefully!