Monday, February 21, 2011

nothing to say

I really havent had anything to uber busy at home...I have had a few idea for posting..but honestly by the timeI sit down at night I just want to zone out...zoning does not include sorry it just doesnt...this is going to be short and sweet and I promise to have a great post next time...I'm sure everyone goes throught this..the duhhh I cant put two words anyway here it is my crappiest post thus far and I am sure its not my is what it is.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I hate static electricity...which of course means my kids think it is the greatest thing ever...At night when I am laying in bed and see the little lightning bolts every time I move I want to scream. Mostly it just makes me uncomfortable irratable and last but not least murderous. I know it sounds a little extreme but I honestly just Cannot function when everything is sticking and zapping...and I really hate when someone shuffles their feet across carpet then pokes me with their charged finger...the next time someone does that they will be missing a I am hoping everyone takes heed. How do you get rid of it and why all of a sudden does my house seem abnormaly charged?? Usually once or twice a year I notice it but we have had way to much this year AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...there now I feel better.
In an update on the resolutions...I do NOT get up and cook breakfast for Mark(only because he told me I didnt have to) Still taking my vitamins, W have ate out only 4 times since the new year...I have lost almost 30lbs and am feeling pretty good....I cant notice the loss at all but thats ok cause I know it isnt there anymore