Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm done with tornadoes and it is only MAY..... for real . Today we had to camp in the basement.(because I am really paranoid) for like 20 minutes...and while we were down there.Hayden and Gage were shaking there butt(and I mean full out booty bouncing) in my was funny but honestly I have been so stressed about the damn storms that I have stomach and head i just kinda looked at them blankly...But since I had enough warning, I had a little "party pack" for the basement..books, computer,drinks,snacks blanket pillows cell phone.. etc... which made it much more appealing to be in a dark smelly basement...
So that is how the day went...completly wasted ...from waiting on storms and being scared of the storm , worrying about my husband who has to climb poles for his cable job... geez .
and i will have a better post soon right now I have the brain blahs.

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