Friday, May 6, 2011

Gages Birthday

Today is Gage's Birthday....The big "8"...and let me tell you a little about Gage....His birth was easy and I took it as a sign of " hey this kid is going to be easy going, calm and well just easy.....hahahhahhahha...yeah that is all I can do now ..just ...laugh. he is complicated a brooding and more hormonal than a teenager....But I'll give this to him..he is sensitive, loving, and all around a good kid....I have noticed lately the seriousness in his face like he is really thinking about things....and I hate to admit it but he is alot like me at that age ..dramatic ultra sensative..but he is a good helper when he is in the mood to help....I love my Gage and he makes me laugh!!! are a few pics from his Birthday
opening presents

He was not happy....we always give the big present last..needless to say he wasn't impressed

the look of relief

the cake!!!

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