Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Exploding head

Sitting on the couch is not my favorite thing, so when I woke up and the whole right side of my face felt like it was ready to explode...I got a sinking feeling. but, being the trooper that I am I decided I was going to push forth andgo on with wht I planned to do.The list was long but I wasnt worried that it wouldnt get done....well I should have been....I tossed the kids a pop-tart and half an apple( the apple just made me feel a little better about my half assed effort towards breakfast).  I started in on the  long and daunting list I had written out last night..(huh if only I knew..)..#1 on the list sweep/mop the living/dining/&kitchen floors..and this is how the day went.
Got the floors done....and absolutely nothing else....I have been back and forth between the kitchen to the living room...strickly to get food/drinks for the kids. But while my butt has been glued  to the couch sitting by a vaporizer I saw a pretty cool commercial any mom would appreciate....and the amazing product is.....callled the GyroBowl.....seriously...go to http://www.gyrobowl.com/  and check it out....My kids are some of the messiest out there...Now with Amaya all of it is not her fault....I am sure the autism comes into play a little, plus they are used to good ole' mom  right behind them sweeping and mopping...Anyway this incredible bowl does NOT spill....or at least that is the claim. Now I am sure if my daughter got her hands on this "fantastic" bowl ..IT   WOULD  SPILL PEOPLE!!  she would find a way...I think I might have to order it  just to check it out.
   So back to the list I made, which included going through the kids' toys and getting rid of the overflow(Christmas excess anyone?)  and the one thing that really should have been done...Clean the bathroom...I mean it is getting to the point of gross...and usually I am so anal (no pun intended) about the bathroom being super clean...we are going on week 2 of absolutly no cleaning in there and I am begining to wonder if anyone notices besides me....
 So to sum up the day..the only word I can use to describe it is Lazy......Here is to better days without exploding heads....   And here is a picture of the Master Mess Maker!

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