Thursday, December 30, 2010

Couponing ..(to the extreme)

I'll have to say I've done pretty good a couponing, or so I thought,but then I saw Extreme Couponing.  It was on TLClast night..I had the DVR set for weeks and was pretty excited to watch this....and then I watched it....I cant really explain how I felt: shocked  because I had no idea that it could be that extreme;confused  how the hell do they figure all this out? where do they find the time? double couponing?stacking? in store coupon,manufacters coupon? It made my head hurt
    Then I was thinking ,aren't these people being a tad greedy....I mean who the hell needs enough deodarant to last you for 150 yrs? Toilet paper for 40 yrs? and doesn't some of this food go bad? Isn't it a waste to by things simply because you can get it for free. I just imagine some of these people in their little kid state of mind screaming "MINE,MINE,MINE!!!"  Now I completly understand stocking up for a year.  As a matter of fact I remember one year for Christmas I recieved almost a years worth of toilet paper and paper towels...As a mother of three this was awesome and believe me it came in handy...but  hearin lies the problem of stocking: vermin and bugs....If you are not extremly vigilant in keeping things clean and tidy YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS!!!   It is just fact.  When you have children it is good to stock up on things you use all the time....and it isnt really saving money if you continously buy things that you dont need.
   I admire these people for being so clever and moneywise, but there is a fine line  between being frugal and just plain crazy..I like to think that if I did this I would make gift baskets for people I knew had fallen on hard times or maybe to our local food bank...and I noticed that only one of these people mentioned donating to local charities/food bank....and that is saying a lot....
     I think I am going to see how extreme I can get with coupons by buying only the things I NEED!!..and if I get an over flow just pass it along to others who could use it... Are you coupon crazy or do you never bother with them??


  1. Crazy. I like coupons, but only ones of items I regularly buy...and I uusally buy generic, so I hardly ever use them. Our church leaders have cautioned us for years to be prepared for disasters with a year's worth food and non-perishable storage. We don't have a year's worth, but probably a good three months of food, water, money, toilet paper, ect. I think it is smart to be prepared...but silly to get carried away.

  2. Did you watch the show.....I mean these people just look greedy..there was only one woman who admitted to only buying what she uses....everyone else ..greedy...I am talking a couples that have no kids.... and in reality if there was a world wide disaster..people would become nomadic after awhile...and they would probably get killed for their stash....i know this sounds bad but that is just how it people really are....sad but true....I would love to get stocked for 1yr..I will really need to buckel down to do have to be hyper vigilant to do this...and I usually buy generic too...even with coupons the generic is usually cheaper....where do you shop usually ?