Monday, December 27, 2010

The First

So this will be my first post...actually this is kinda scary to let people in my life...but actually pretty liberating also....Not sure what all my post are going to contain.. I will have to warn you there may be some language that you wont approve of occasionally ...But I promise ..I will keep that to a minimum....

We are coming up on a new year and I  was wondering what everyones New Years resolution is going to be.  I used to not do these at all...LAME...right?  No, not really cause it gives you a chance to improve yourself or achieve a seemingly out of reach goal..  So what I do so I can say I accomplished my resolution, I make 3 or 4...yeah I cheat just a little but this way I can feel like I have accomplished at least one thing.....So here is my list so far.....1. Make Mark ( my loving husband)  breakfast every morning for at least 3 months. Now to some you might be thinking....What's the big deal with that?.....believe me it's a huge deal...considering my husband skips breakfast just so he can sleep in an extra 20 min....BAD  2...Continue on the healthy eating path by not eating out more than once a month...and for those of you who dont have kids this is the MOTHER of all task...wish me luck on this cause I'm not real sure how this will work.. Now the last 2 resolutions are evading me...but as soon as I come up with my last 2 I'll be sure to post.
     Now this is a new blog so I am sure it will go through many evolutions...I hopw you will join me on my new venture...and just FYI I used to make fun of people that blogged  hardcore and now look what has become of me!  I would like to thank everyone in advance for reading


  1. My only new year's resolution is to SIMPLIFY. That is my new motto.

  2. We have simplified to the core at our house...with one closet and three kids it is a must!