Sunday, January 2, 2011

The other 2

I think I have figured out what my other 2 resolutions are going to be...So here goes #3 Take a multivitamin and other supplements I have deemed necessary in my life(also the kids will be taking a multi and zinc and possibly some other not sure which yet)  But when I realized after going to the doctor Oz website I was kind of amazed at the amount of pill popping I was getting myself into...I mean come on,  is this really how people stay healthy?  Since I said I was going to do this I will...but some of the horse pills are really hard to swallow  and some of these pills are 2-3 times daily....I want to be healthy..and generally I eat healthy...(yes there is the occasional trip to McDonalds)  but according to some our fruit and veggies dont contain the same amount of nutrients they did 50 yrs ago....So all of this is a neccessary evil.
      #4 find something fun for myself that does not involve the kids at this is going to be hard.  I am not a parent that demands a date night once a week  or to go out and have a girls night, because , well it is just not financially feesable to go out and spend 50 to 100 bucks  just cause I am feeling stressed..  Oh I can hear the advice whores now telling me that if I dont make time for me it will make my life more stressful..or that my relationship with my husband will suffer .blah blah blah......I am sure I can find something that is fun and doesnt cost a ton of money....  can't I?This is going to be a good year...hopefully!

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