Friday, March 4, 2011

IN A Pre- Spring Rut.

Has anybody else looked at their laundry pile, dirty toilet, or unswept floor for the umpeenth time and thought...I know I cleaned this yesterday? I swear I am in a time warp...For example not more than 2 days ago I had ALL of the laundry done...and I was pretty excited for myself cause that would mean more free time to do the catch up work that kind of gets shoved in a corner until I can finally get to it...Now here it is Friday..and there is at least oh I'd guesstimate 7 loads downstairs.....freakin 7 loads in 2 days !?!?!?!..Now I dont know how this happens or why but it is really starting to bug me....and I was beggining to wonder what would happen If i decided to go on strike???...It would be pretty damn stinky...
Here's to happy cleaning


  1. just described my life.

  2. ...and yeah, I got off FB. Too much time and after I had a less than friendly exchange I just thought it was stupid.