Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Neverending ....

I did have a good idea for a post but that went all to soon as I sat down my oldest decids he is going to practice what he is best at...freaking annoying the hell out of me...and he is reading this as I type....It all started with him asking if he could play the wii, I politly told him no BECAUSE he already played his DS for an hour (oh he just corrected is DSL) sheesh I am some sort of moron...anywhooooo.Now he is perched at my shoulder asking "caniplaywii,caniplaywii,caniplaywii" if this isnt annoying enough he is growling and breathing on me... Just so everybody knows I only allow my kids 1HOUR of video time PERIOD!!!! be it wii, PS3, or DSL...1 hour only...I am seriously abourt ready to elbow this kid......I cant concentrate anymore...I'll be back

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