Thursday, January 6, 2011

Full Circle (well almost)and other thoughts!

   So today was Amaya's playdate(The Play Project: a play oriented program for children on the autism Spectrum)  and this was a very great session! I am so proud of the progress tha she has made and the progress we have made as a family on how to  really communicate with our sweet little girl, even if there isnt verbal.  These are they days I really enjoy.  To my shock and amazment the boys did what they  were told for the time limit of a whole hour....A WHOLE HOUR!!!!!  Some of you might be thinking "yeah...and?"  and I wont go into how many times I get interupted in one hour....I'll guestimate oh about 60 if you have calculated that up in your head  1 hour is 60 min and if I get interupted 6o times ....yep thats right every single minute.   The blessings of being a mother...they are many...peace and quiet isn't one of those blessings.

 Back to the playdate...Amaya  stayed interested in our play almost the entire time we were  doing our recordings ( we videotape our play to see what we can work on and see what we have accomplished)  We have been doing this for almost a year and the improvements I have seen are small but profound. I have to give a big shoutout to Susan (our consultant)  for sticking with me even through the times I thought I couldnt do it any more....She has been such a guiding soul to me..
 And in other news I am incredibly sick of being stuck in the house and I swear our freakin house is   I am dead serious ..of course Mark thinks I am crazy....but anyway there have been things that go on at our I have heard voices and  heard weird noises seeing things out of the corner of my know typical stuff...but the latest thing has been very routine.. we have a family portrait on the  Entertainment center  The picture faces forward, but every morning it is turned to the side...I have tested and it isn't the vibrations that naturally happen in the house...(cause it just started) this picture has been there for 4 yrs.......ohhhhhh spooky.
   In other news Gage is now tying his shoes without demanding we help him and we are very proud!             
.......and Hayden is getting very good at his magic tricks!!! We have a future Criss Angel on our hand  (but Hayden hopefully wont be as big as a fame whore as Chris Angel)   sorry just had to put that out there!


  1. Yay for Amaya! That is parents we can celebrate the little things that not everyone would think is a big deal, but we know otherwise! :) ...and a couple of months ago in our rental there were some wierd thigs happen like you mentioned. It wasn't scary, it just made me aware that something was going on...footsteps going up and down the wood stares, doors opening and closing, whispering voices, ect. This is going to sound really weird, but it was right during the height of the election and in my first trimester, so I was sick ALL THE day I got fed up with all the weird noises and my kids being scared all the time and I said out loud, "You can't be here right now, we've got too much going on!" And I swear not another weird thing happened at our house! Travis of course thinks I am crazy, but nothing else happened! You just need to tell it where to go!

  2. The weird ness doesnt bother me ...I actually think it is neat..but there was one thing that freaked me out...I was in and out of the bathroom with the dreaded squirts and I just leaned over to the sink and ran the water to hold my hand under it cause I was feeling a little faint...and all of a sudden I felt a whisper in my ear saying HEY!! and when I say felt..I mean I litarally felt breath on my ear..freaky..but other than that..nothing bothers me.....and speaking of haunted I remember I was staying at your house one night and something happened and it freaked us out ....I think at the time your mom and Dennis went into town to get something..but I just remember being really scared and they were just laughing at us!!!