Saturday, January 8, 2011

See Mommy ..He won't share......SEEEEEE!

These are the words I heard this morning from my middle child as I tried to have a relaxed Saturday morning, and honestly it was enough to make me want to throw him out in the snow and shut the door. I didnt feel this way because he was whining or the fact that he said that particular sentence about 40 times in the last 10 minutes....It is the way he is saying it...with an extremly determined (your so stupid for ignoring me) nasally,loud. But as I am typing he has moved on to saying "my foot is freezing and it's going to fall off !!!!" So I kindly suggest (while holding back the urge to tell him how I really feel) going upstairs and getting his fleece blanket he got from Santa.  Just guess the response I got...(If I had video I would post it  because honestly it would be an absolute hit un Youtube) he is flailing around doing circles on the floor saying "I cant walk upstairs because my foot is broken".   Lets all kep in mind that said foot is the one he is using to propel himself in circles.   I mean really?   Does anybody sympathize with me on this??  and belive me it will go on late into the  morning.  I love the kid dearly but he drives me absolutly bonkers....He knows exactly what buttons to push and how hard to push them before I absolutly lose it. I actually think he likes it too....He probably sits upstairs in his room just plotting on how to drive me nuts.......geez....and yes I realize I sound completly paranoid...but if you could see how completely independant I have seen him be, you would understand

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