Friday, January 14, 2011

Whats my sign???

Why did they change the astrological signs....I mean would it really have hurt anything for those people in minnesota just to keep their mouths shut?....Now instead of being a Sagitarious I am now an Ophiuchus.....what the hell???? So now I am a serpant Slayer instead of the Archer?
I guess whatever....of course the hardcore believers are all up in arms and saying that these findings are wrong....I like to read my horoscope, but I am not going to be such an extremist that I let it ruin my day.  But I'll have to admit I think that the new sign I have much better describes my personality (generalized it may be) that the Sagitarious....Anywho...I hope everyone is having a great new year and possibly still following their resolutions....I have kept mine to a  point..we have ate out twice, I still havent found anything for me to have "fun"with that doesnt include my  kids...lets see, I have made Mark breakfast maybe 3 times and I am taking my vitamins all in all I am doing ok with this.  I have also joined the Dr. Oz  11 week thing.,.pretty cool it helps you keep track of your calories tells you how many calories you burned what type of excercise is good for your body type...blah blah blah.   I like it cause I am too lazy to count calories. I wonder if I lose like 60 or 70 lbs Mark will let me get a boob job and tummy tuck???  (If the money were available that is!)

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